Can I just ramble 😢😢😢


First of all, I just can’t wait to have a baby in me. I know I won’t have my body back. I know I won’t have the same time I have now with my husband.

But I’m ready for this next step. So ready.

IM not exaggerating... EVERY freakin friend I have (but one - who doesn’t want children for years) is pregnant. Every one of them. 6 women all due next year that are in my “friend” group.

The sixth announced yesterday and I couldn’t help me reaction was so dulled.

HERES the real bother.

I don’t open up to the most of them because they are gossips that just want to know the story so they can spread it.

So... they all keep assuming I don’t want a child or anything to do with one yet. Why does it bother me so much that they don’t know how much emotional crap I’m going through every month, TRYING.

And I’m just holding back all the nasty stuff I could blow at them any minute.

I just really want to be next. I know every lady in this group does. So let’s make it happen.

I can’t test for a good while yet. But I’m ready for it. And I need this!

Who’s with me.