Scared of miscarrying on the airplane

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I just had my first ultrasound this past weekend at 10w3d and it was confirmed that I only had a sac with no baby inside. My sac measured about 8 weeks. I believe it's called a blighted ovum missed miscarriage. Now I'm just waiting for the miscarriage (bleeding) to happen. But I have to go on a 16-hour flight abroad in two days (less than 48 hours). How possible is it that I will miscarry while traveling? I've never had any miscarriage this far along into a pregnancy before. I only had a chemical pregnancy once. I bled only hours after getting a BFP that time and it was just like having a light period with no pain. I'll be 11 weeks when I travel. I'm so scared because I have no clue how bad the bleeding will be and if I'll be able to cope with it on the airplane! I plan to bring a lot of sanitary pads and pain killers. If anyone has gone through a miscarriage, especially a blighted ovum one, at around 10-12 weeks, or if anyone has any experience traveling with a pending miscarriage, I'd really appreciate if you could share your story with me or give me some advice. Thank you very much.