Does it sound like this guy wants something serious?

I've been dating this guy since pretty early November. He's pretty awesome and at this point I'm definitely starting to have feelings for him, I really enjoy being with him and he's great to me. But, weirdly enough, we haven't established whether we're official. About a month ago I kind of tried to have the "what are we" talk with him and I could tell he got a little uncomfortable and said he wants to take things slow and that distance is a factor (not the biggest deal though). If it matters we're both 19, he goes to military college about an hour away and I go to normal college, we met while he was staying with a friend at my college for the weekend.

At this point we've been on a ton of dates, went on a trip together, traveled to spend NYE together, are intimate, and he's met my family and friends. I've met his friends and he invited me to meet his family but I just haven't had the opportunity yet. Literally his entire family knows about me though, from little cousins to uncles to grandparents (who ask about me when I'm with him). His siblings ask about me a lot too. He chooses to spend weekends with me instead of his friends and calls me his girl.

We act exactly like we're together but have no title or explicit officiality/exclusivity so it's a bit odd. I'm a bit curious but because of the reception I got last time I tried having this conversation I'm a bit hesistant to bring it up again. We haven't had any conversations about our feelings for eachother.

Am I being naive or does it sound like he wants something serious? If he does, why wouldn't it be official at this point?