Immediately 🤰🏻 after m/c, and my uterus is under belly button at only 8 weeks!?!



I need your help/advice/researching power.

I had a miscarriage at 8 weeks this last thanksgiving and then got pregnant again right away. I’m about to turn 8 weeks now. This is my first pregnancy. I’m eating super healthy. I feel lots of twinges and cramping down there and get bad morning sickness and I’m always fatigued!

Anyways today I tried to feel my uterus using this chart and it feels impossibly high! Like huge and up under my belly button already (like an inch below!!) It feels hard and round and not like the rest of my blubber.

I heard with first pregnancies you don’t show until 4-5 months, but maybe I just didn’t have any muscle tone?

Could my uterus be large because of my previous pregnancy? (Maybe it didn’t have time to shrink?)

I read online it could mean twins/multiples and that would be a dream come true.

My first appointment isn’t until January 21st. I can’t wait! I’m praying so much.

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