How does your LO go down for sleep?


I assume most babies here are 5 or 6 months old now. So how do you put your LO down for bed?

My LO is 6 months now and we still have to rock her to sleep, with her pacifier. I try laying her down about 8-12 minutes after she's asleep in my arms. Before she hit the 6-month sleep regression and leap #5, this worked (even though I knew we were going to have to work on getting her to put herself to sleep). Now it's not working well, at least she's not staying down all night like she used to. Would now be the time to start trying to sleep training her, when her schedule is all messed up due to the leap/regression? Also, is it best to start sleep training at night with naps at the same time too? Right now, when she's sleepy enough to nap, I rock her to sleep and then once she's out (8-12 mins later), I put her in her swing. She almost always stays down for at least a half hour. My goal is to get her to nap in the same room she sleeps in.

Any help or tips is greatly appreciated as I'm a FTM and we were fortunate enough to not have a 4-month sleep regression.

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