I need some advise. I have a friend who constantly copies me. People say copying is a compliment but to me it is simply annoying and a form of betrayal. She copies everything from what I drink at Starbucks, where I work, how I get my nails done, my passions, what I post on Snapchat, she has tried to befriend my friends, she is now wanting my same college degree. She is constantly putting me down but then copies what I do. I went through a huge loss and was almost suicidal, she never asked how I was doing. I had an abortion... I wasn’t supported by anyone and scared. I regret it whole heartedly. All she said was “what did kids ever do to you and my ex would have been there for me” she’s also called me a bitch. I was with her when she didn’t have anyone and I am really sick of it. I want to block her on everything but I know I’ll see her around or she might feel upset in which I don’t want to hurt her feelings. ??