Pregnancy pains

Before I got pregnant, I thought labour and first trimester sickness was all pregnant women dealt with. Well besides uncomfortable sleeping during third trimester of which I didn't imagine it was all painful. Now am finding out the hard way that boobs hurt, hips hurt, legs hurt, back hurts, then there are other things like diarrhea, constipation, fatigue etc. Each day brings another sensation. I feel cheated by all my elders who never talk about these things to people who ain't pregnant. My God! I never knew what my older friends n siblings were actually going through. It is as though one is constantly sick. You even stop complaining because you don't want to sound like it is too much. So here I am also, not openly talking about my pain to anyone. Yesterday my mom watched me get up n was so shocked and exclaimed" are you in pain " I was like nah, just neck pain. Lol. She got me a warm water bottle immediately. Well yes my neck was hurting too. But I couldn't tell her my hips and waist too because she would start thinking am getting a miscourage. Oh pregnancy! You have taught me so much.

Ps. Does anyone know how I can get ride of this pain? My pillow is too big. Am looking into belts! And damn! Am just 16 weeks. Haha.