Feel like a bad mom..

So I have a 7 month old daughter, I’m a stay at home mom. My hubby works two jobs so most of the time it’s just us.. when she was younger she was VERY colicky and the only thing that would (kind of) work was playing videos for her on my phone or TV. Anyway, we live in a small apartment with my family, and we pay rent for our bedroom. There isn’t much space here, because it’s so packed. I bought her a walker and she can’t even use it to walk around because there is literally no space to. I bought her a play mat, and have no room to put it anywhere. I don’t have the car so i can’t take her places.. i don’t like going outside because we don’t have our own secluded backyard it’s just sidewalks and all the neighbors outside.. I have toys that she plays with but most of the time she’s just watching YouTube videos on the iPad or TV. I feel horrible because I wish we had more room to play instead of just putting electronics in her face to keep her happy.. idk 😔