Being evicted

What can I do about being evicted I have 3 kids and one on the way next month my kids are 6, 2 and 1 we live with my mother who is on housing because she is considered mentally retarded she gets SSI, my husband and I take care of her so that's why we live with her we've been looking for another place for a while now because the landlord is not happy with the amount of people in the house so that is the reason why hes going through with evicting us it's a two bedroom house with a small entry way room to my bedroom that I turned into a small room for my two oldest kids my 1 year old is still in my room and the new baby will be also my mother has her own room. My husband makes too much money to get any financial help from any agency because they count his income and my mother's but he doesn't make enough for us to be able to get a place on our own because he supports his 3 kids myself and obviously with a new baby coming next month we've had to get a bunch of baby stuff plus he has a crap ton of Bill's not to mention he pays all the rent here since housing doesn't do crap cuz he makes too much so I feel overwhelmed and helpless we are gonna end up homeless I dont see us getting out of this because we cant get help from anyone.