Force-feeding kids wrong or right?


Hey guys im a 25 year old girl and I was an EXTREMELY PICKY EATER as a child... and so was my cousin a 20 year old guy now... Anyway how picky u might ask? well I didn't swallow food... if you gave me a spoon of anything solid or liquid o could hold it in my mouth for hours then spit it out when my jaw hurts... my cousin on the other hand could force himself to throw up with just his tongue if you forced him to eat anything... so what would you do if I (case A) was your kid or if your kid was my cousin (case B)... and let's consider the fact that in this situation you are in the 1990's in a relatively poor African country and mind you there were no child psychologists and still aren't any in my country (Zimbabwe) so what would you do? I'll tell you what my aunt did for her case B.. she realized that her son would only eat French fries.. and so he has for 20 years he doesn't eat meat or fruits or vegetables just fries (they moved to the UK now so he basically survives on Mc Donald's and if his fries touch any ketchup or meat or salad he won't touch them at all) so was what she did for case B right or wrong? what would you have done.... now my mom on the other hand with her Case A i refused any form of food so she would hold my nose and mouth shut when I have food in my mouth so that I would have 2 options to either choke or swallow that food and we had to do that with every spoon I ate so was it the wrong or right thing to do with Case A? what would you have done

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