Emotional Wall 😭🤯


So this pregnancy has been hard for me. And I know I’m preaching to the choir but we have had a lot of struggles and honestly I’ve been pretty miserable physically because of them. I’ve stayed really positive though through it all. The past few days my hip and back and pain in my vagina is just like woah. Not to mention I have contractions constantly and I have the worst pregnancy carpal tunnel where sometimes it’s damn near impossible to use my hands. 😖 today baby girl failed her biophysical profile scan which was really scary. Further testing and she’s okay thank goodness. Then I came home and took the dogs out and got locked outside without my phone. Where I live it’s negative temperatures. So here I am almost 36 weeks pregnant standing outside with my two giant dogs and no idea what to do. Ran to all my neighbors and no one was home so I ended up having to pry our door open which of coarse broke it. So then I called husband to tell him what happened and completely broke down. Urgh I just barely sleep, I’m always in pain and feel like I just can’t keep up anymore. I know this was long and ranting but I guess to anyone else out there having a rough time or a bad day, your not alone!!!