Just me venting

Ok so i’m in high school and the rest of this paragraph is gonna make me sound kind of obnoxious but i need to vent for a hot second. So my school is really crappy and since it rained today, there were about 19 leaks from the ceilings. about 10 minutes into our last block of the day when the fire alarm went off. Everybody started getting really annoyed because it’s pouring rain outside and it’s freezing cold. My coat was in my gym locker and they rushed us out the doors before we could go anywhere else, so I had to go outside with nothing to keep me warm or dry. so we went out into the parking lot and it was pouring rain and there are puddles of water everywhere. water went right through my ugg boots and socks and everyone’s hair and clothes were getting soaking wet. After trying to group up with our homeroom teachers so they could do attendance, they told us that we had to go to with the church that was next to the school. That meant that we had to climb uphill, over snow and mud, and climb over a fence. then through another flooded parking lot, and all pile into the church. When I was climbing over all the snow, i took my last step to get back on the ground and there was about two inches of water and mud. So my entire back, my legs, and my feet, were all covered in water and mud. I still had to climb over another pile of snow and get into the church. When we finally got into the church, everyone is sitting around and the principal (who’s REALLY awful btw) starts talking from the podium. she said how we “did a great job getting here” etc etc, and then said how the school is fine and “water leaked into the school and somehow triggered the fire alarm”. after that people got really upset because all of that was for nothing, and because the school is too cheap to fix anything in the first place. (they spent money on repainting the cafeteria and making the principals office look nice instead of fixing the ceilings, the water, and the air conditioners/heaters). so everyone was booing at the principal and she said “hey, this is still a place of worship”. at this point we all lost our minds and burst out laughing at her. then we walked back through the freezing rain and back into the school. all of that took about 45 minutes, and we were only in the church for about 10 minutes. my friend went to the locker room to change, i went to our last class to get our stuff, then met her in the locker room where i changed into my gym clothes and then we left school and went to dunkin donuts. they ended up closing school “early”. (meaning: 10 minutes before school was supposed to end, after we were drenched, because everyone was leaving anyway). our school is so broken that it couldn’t even handle a little rain earlier in the day. So yeah that was my day, now i have to clean all my clothes, and i’m taking a long warm shower.

Update: a part of the roof might’ve caved in. also the first time that i talked to my father in 11 hours, i told him how my day was (even though he didn’t ask) and instead of sympathizing with me, he yelled at me.