Never threaten a mom about her child!!!

I’m a ftm & have a month old baby, me and my s.o currently live with his mom & pay rent.. him & i haven’t been getting along much lately due to his lack of parenting or working. Everything my baby has is because of ME. Clothes, diapers, milk, bed, etc.. anyways this morning his mom woke up flipping out waking everyone up telling me she’s gonna have the police take me and him both out of the home and take my daughter... NOW THATS A PROBLEM.. idgaf who you are don’t threaten me when it comes to my baby!!! I do this mom shit & take care of my daughter day in and day out with NO help from her son or her so for her the threaten me is a problem!! I’m working on leaving this house because it’s not a good environment for my daughter.. i just feel so stuck and somewhat scared to leave. Idk why.. but this mom I’m thinking about never allowing her to see my daughter once i leave. I never argue infront of my daughter with my so and when we do argue it’s about him doing NOTHING AND NOT WORKING!!! I’m so mad right now and a lost for words.. just needed to vent!! Because the more i think about her threatening to take my baby the more pissed i get!!