My news to tell!!

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Ok not mine but mine and my partners.

We found out we are pregnant after loosing our baby at 7 weeks last November.

So we decided this time not to tell any one until the 12 week scan.

We did though tell my MIL my words were “ I am pregnant, we are not telling any one else except for you, and the reason we are telling you is just in case of an emergency we may need you to look after the children if the worst happens again, we are keeping it away from everyone else until I am 12 weeks, I am not even telling my mam and dad until then”

So basically the reason we told MIL instead of my parents is because she lives a street away, so she is easily able to come over the house like she did last time late in the evening. And my parents live 20 mins away.

Baisically i had it planned on how we were going to tell Brother in law & his partner and Sister in law and her husband.

A day after we told MIL I had a text from sister in law “congratulations DW your secret is safe with me”

So we went over MIL and I managed to drop in the conversation that Trina (Sister in law) had congratulated me, I did it very subtle not to cause drama or too much awkwardness

& even then MIL played the “dumb card” ohh you told Trina

My reply “no she already knew”

Well she finally admits to telling her and said “I know it was meant to be on the hush but I couldn’t help myself”

So I was understanding yes pissed off as I love my SIster in law and was planning a surprise box to be delivered to her house but I can get over it and she is MIL only daughter also oldest child.

So I was like well you only told Trina and I know she can keep a secret

Today I get a text from My BIL girlfriend “Just heard the news, congratulations”

So yea now I am pissed! Me and my partner got into an argument over it (Not the first time over MIL)

But baisically got into an argument how she gets away with everything and has no consideration for other people’s feelings (long story to the previous times)

So my other half says I am over reacting I shouldn’t be pissed off although he also admits that she was in the wrong.

She has 4 children! That’s 4 pregnancies she made an announcement on and this is my well third pregnancy but after what happened last year I really wanted the announcement to be extra special.

I just feel like she is trying to take it all away 😔

Sorry for the rant