Should he have been evicted from the facility?


I interned for a LTC multi-care facility for older adults. I mostly shadowed the occupational therapist and occasionally provided compassionate care which involves getting to know residents.

The oldest-old are my favorites and I still volunteer and visit with them twice a week.

Some of the 90-105 year olds are a bit racist/prejudice.

There’s a white woman that says she doesn’t understand the language of the black nurses/doctors 🙄...literally a white person will have to “translate” for her. A black woman doesn’t care for the white caretakers; she doesn’t trust them. She claims they are poisoning her and stealing her things. It’s exasperating but they are over 100 years of age and I find humor in their antics. I also understand they grew up in a different America.

There’s an old white guy he is 102 and he is my favorite 💕. I’ve spent hours talking to him and I know his family now as well. The issue with him is he does not like Black, Hispanic or Asian people 😐. He doesn’t want to sit next to them and refuses to eat near them when he’s having an “episode”.

I get along with him because the day we met we got into a verbal altercation and hashed out our differences.

Anyways, he was evicted from the center yesterday for creating a hostile environment for the other residents.

I disagree with their decision. He grew up in a racist town. His father and grandfather were extreme racist. He told me that he went to college and moved to Baltimore from Tennessee...and changed. He is a sweet old man. But on days when his Alzheimer’s and dementia get the best of him...he becomes mean. I don’t take anything he says to heart


I feel that he if he wants to be segregated or left in his room a day or two out the week then that’s fine. The staff is being overly sensitive and not understanding they are dealing with a white man raised in the 1910s.

What do you all think?

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