toxic relationship????

*might be long PLEASE READ*

okay so my s/o and I have been together for around 6 months. things moved really quickly for my personal liking.. but recently I just feel so trapped for many reasons. he is overly jealous to the point where ive had to cut out everyone in my life just to not have arguments with him.

I can’t even post on my social media without him asking constantly if guys are messaging me or hitting on me, which has just made me super self conscious of anything I post because I don’t wanna start anything.

In the beginning of the relationship he was really adamant about keeping who he was dating a secret, he told me it was because he wasn’t comfortable having a open relationship yet. Then 2 months or so in he bugged me everytime we hung out to post about him so “guys” know I’m taken. He will occasionally post about me but he won’t show my face, it will be like my hand or something, which is fine. But it makes me feel like he’s ashamed of what I look like...

Anyways I took him on a bday trip this last weekend to L.A and I’ve been asking him why he won’t post pictures of us or even me and he always tells me that if I post one that he’ll post something... even tho I have been for months

Yes I know this seems super petty and immature of us but it’s gotten to the point where I’m 100% not happy and I want to just leave. He’s very controlling and starts arguments over small things such as my outfits or even the new job I wanted and that I got. It’s really hard for me to get out of this mainly because this is my first relationship after a long 5year abusive relationship... I just don’t have anymore confidence anymore