Terrified of anatomy scan


Hey ladies! This is my second pregnancy. My son just turned 3 this month. When I was pregnant with him it was at our 20 week anatomy scan that we found out he had heart, kidney, and spine abnormalities with a possibility of bowel and esophagus/trachea abnormalities requiring surgery within 24 hours of birth.

He was born with a ventricular septal defect, other minor heart defects, multicystic dysplastic kidney disease, congenial scoliosis with a tethered spinal cord, and moderate to severe hearing loss in his left ear with a deformed ear.

After the 20 week anatomy scan I spent the rest of my pregnancy terrified and cried every day. Although my son is doing great and he has only had 2 surgeries so far and wears a hearing aid, I am just terrified something is going to go wrong again, even if it’s not the same thing (he has VACTERL association, and it’s not genetic so the chances of it happening again are the same as before, 1 in 40,000).

Has anyone been through something similar (problems/poor prenatal diagnosis) in a previous pregnancy and are now expecting another child? How are you coping? I am just so anxious and have to wait about 8 more weeks for the anatomy scan.

Trying to take it a day at a time but my anxiety is taking over!

Pic of my cutie Harrison!