Help please

Sorry if this bums anyone out but i need some advice.

My hisband and i got into an arguement because he was hitting the couch and telling me to "come here right now". He wasnt joking. He was serious.

I told him to stop treating me like a dog. Which prompted him to tell me to shut the fuck up. I told him to do the same and he stomped off. We've made up since i guess, but he's been non talkative. He told me that if I ever talk to him like that again, he's packing his bags and leaving, and that he's taking the SUV with him. (I make the payments as the cosigner. I have no problem stopping payments and changing locks.)

Problem is that since then. Ive been really down on myself. Like i just really want to hurt myself. Before anyone starts in on suicide or anything, i dont want to kill myself. I know this isnt normal, but i honestly dont know where to turn to. I feel like i dont deserve anything. Im skipping dinner tonight because im fat enough. Im an emotional wreck right now, but this feeling is so familiar, I'm just numb to it now i guess. Can anyone offer advice or anything to help?