Am I Being Unreasonable towards my MIL?

Sydney • Married to the love of my life and proud mommy of Ava Noel 💜💙 baby #2 coming 8/2020!

Hey ladies,

I was hoping to get some fresh opinions on this.

My fiancé’s mother is... difficult to deal with. She hasn’t really been supportive of either of us this entire pregnancy. She lays the guilt hard on us for not wanting to do things like name the baby after her, use a 40 year old christening gown she made, or make a Target registry (her favorite store) when we have a perfectly good registry on Amazon.

Recently, we had a beautiful baby shower in which my mom/dad and our friends went all out for, and I couldn’t be more greatful for them... my MIL on the other hand has done nothing and told us “we’re gonna wait and see what you get at the shower before we buy anything”. This really irritated me. My parents and our friends have gone ALL OUT for our daughter Aveline, but for some reason she refuses to help, and I don’t know why. My fiancé understands my frustrations entirely, but it’s getting hard for me to bite my tongue when my family is doing everything for Aveline and she just wants to lay guilt because we aren’t doing anything her way.

Am I being selfish, unreasonable, ungreatful, etc? Or do you feel I have a right to be frustrated?

Sorry about the long post and I appreciate anyone who’s willing to give some advice!