Long rant


I don’t know how to begin this but I just love my boyfriend.

Okay so I was 19 when I first met him and we became great friends. There’s actually this funny story where he told me not to fall in love with him because he’s trying to learn to love and understand what he deserves first (he came out of a very hard relationship of 4 years) and so I promised him we’d only be friends. But 6 months later he told me he knew what he deserved and that i showed and brought him his happiness back and asked me out to be his GF. Any who I was 19 and I knew he was experienced in sex so me being me I researched and wanted to try it with him but I wanted to be smart so I searched birth control options. I chose the implant and it has worked great other than the fact that I bled on and off and it’s so irregular. I used to not tell my boyfriend abt the horrible side effects I just would always tell him I’m not in the mood. It got to the point where he asked me to tell him what’s really wrong and i couldn’t take it anymore!!! I told him how the birth Control is making me feel and he bless him is so nice and I’m glad I finally found someone who listens and cares!!! So long story short he told me to take it out and not worry about birth control to take a break!!! He is so nice but I mean I haven’t had sex in two months and I really miss it like I just love him that I want to show him. The implant has made me so sad and less confident. I’m thinking we can just use condoms until I find a good bc. I just had to let this out. Thanks to anyone who reads this sorry it’s so long. ❤️