Did you still have Nuchal Scan if you had already had the NIPT?


We opted to go ahead and have the NIPT at 10 weeks, and thankfully, all results came back normal. My ob says there is now no need to do the routine Nuchal Scan. I understand that the main purpose of the Nuchal Scan is to detect the possibility of chromosomal issues, which have already been ruled out(as much as possible) in our case, by the more accurate NIP test. However, I have read that the Nuchal Scan can also be used to detect congenital heart defects and possible other non chromosomal issues that may need to be monitored closely throughout pregnancy. So I am concerned that skipping it may result in missing something that then wouldn't be detected til our next ultrasound at 20 weeks. Just wondering what others experience has been with this? Trying to decide if I should try to insist, even though ob was pretty insistant it wasn't needed... or if I am being ridiculous and letting my anxiety and worry take over. 🙄 TIA

*Edit...guess I should also add that the NT scan should be covered by insurance, as it's considered a routine scan....so that's not an issue. We did pay for the NIPT testing out of pocket, because we chose to have it done. Since I am not considered high risk, it wasn't considered medically necessary, which is the only way our insurance covers it.