Money blues

So my husband has been out of work since November. We have no money. I’ve been doing dog sitting and I’m picking up a short weeks worth job. He’s really snappy about me working, but he’s hardly even trying. Every time I tell him about a job or my parents do, he’s just like “oh cool” and doesn’t even look into it.. I can’t even afford a $20 bra. All my bras are too small because I had a mc a while back. I’m having to clean up after him 24/7 because he’s home all the time and I’m the one “providing” rn. I wouldn’t even call it providing really because it’s hardly putting food on our table. I made $240 on this last job and $80 is going towards the electric bill and $50 is for dog food and the rest I have to save for milk and ramen because that’s currently what we are living off of. That and pastaroni. Life is hard. Rent is due in 3 days and I want to cry 😭