Mom pissed me off today!!!! Long post sorry!!!

Elizabeth • tatted hairstylist 💇🏼‍♀️✂️☺️Bunny momma 🐰

Okay, so I told my mom I’d bring her to work and i would do her hair. So I pick her up around 9am. Go to the supply store we go to to pick up a couple of things. And told my mom I have to be at work at 9:30 to do someone’s hair. And after her hair I need to go to the bank, she said she would bring her jar of change. Said she has about $20 in there to give me. For paying half of what I paid for her phone yesterday. I said okay that’s fine we can change it in at the bank.

So I’m at the supply store, get what I need. I get back into my car. It’s about 9:15. I need to be at the shop by now, and I needed to get my client started at 9:30. My mom asked me if we can stop at McDonald’s. I said I don’t have time. She’s like it’s just the drive through and I’m just getting a sandwich. I said fine! So we go. She’s getting ready to pull out the jar of change. I said I’m not giving them a bunch of change. So I pulled my wallet out. And paid she needed up ordering a meal. And my total came to $11. I was a bit annoyed. But I was hungry. Get to work my client ends up texting me telling me she’s gonna be late, because her street was covered.

My mom kept asking me the entire time I was waiting if I could start on her hair. I said no I need to do my client first. I will get to you later

So I’m working on my client and it’s a little past lunch time now, and my coworker asked if I wanted something from chic fil a. Thankfully we work right next to one ! ☺️

So my mom went with her. My mom got change out of her jar. And said will $7 cover mine ? I said it should ! Then she asked if she can have $2 just in case. I give it to her and they go get food.

I finally finished my client, she gave me her tip. And I told my mom I need to go to the bank. She’s like okay we need to go to the dollar store too. And I’m like well I need gas if I’m doing that. She’s like okay I’ll give you gas money We get to the bank. I pay my car payment. (I’m broke now) she changes in her coins. And it came out to $13. We go to the car and I asked if that $13 was for gas. She’s like well I need the $3. And then kept going on and on about how she hates changing in her coins. Or spending her coins. Pretty much hinting to me that she hated she gave me $ we get back to the shop. And she kept nagging me about doing her hair. I said we need to wait a bit. I said I wanna sir I just stood for the last 3 hours. I need a break.

This is the part she pissed me off the most and where I made the decision she will never come to work with me again!

I was just about to start her hair, when a haircut came in.

I asked her to move to another chair so I can take this haircut. (Remind you I do my moms hair for free, so I need to make money)

So I start this haircut. And I can already tell that this kids mom is gonna give me grief. She argued with me and her son her I believe had to of been 13-15 said well you all just lost a client I’m never coming back in here.

All I was doing was simply trying to explain that I can’t cut his hair if I don’t know what he wants. The kid had a lot of hair. And the haircut looked like it was cut with scissors all over. I told them if they want it shorter I can take it shorter. So the kid asked me to take it shorter. I said okay I can’t cut it shorter with scissors it would have to be with clippers. They were fine with that. I told them it would be a #4 guard on the back and sides. That’s the highest guard I could of used. And soon as I started the mom says okay that’s good no more !

I looked at her and said I have to finish the haircut? I can’t just let you guys walk out with an unfinished haircut. If he wanted it longer than I would of just left it how it was but he asked for it shorter. So the mom started arguing with me about it.

Then my mom, says “wow! I can see how clients can really be! That’s ridiculous”

I waved at her and told her to stop!

The mom looked at her and said what did you just say?

So I’m finishing the haircut and told them to have a nice day. Trying to be as nice as I can, even though I am so pissed off at this point I could feel my face burning !

My mom went outside and I went out behind her and told her look you can do that. If they call in and complain and say you said something to them I will get in trouble because you’re my mom and i brought you with me today. She’s like they don’t know I’m your mom. I said my boss does and she can look at the cameras.

So I go back inside. And then my mom comes in I said come on let’s get your hair done.

I told her she can’t say things to clients. She legit told me she never said anything!!!!

If you didn’t say anything then why did the client look at you and say what did. You say !? And why did I tell you to stop ! ?

When the night finally ended it was 7:30. Time to start cleaning up. And be out the door at 8. My mom says don’t forget my eyebrows. I looked at her and said if I have time !!

She says Elizabeth my eyebrows need done you have time !

I said I still have to clean, and do laundry, and do the drawer if I don’t have time I don’t have time !!

I will NEVER take her to work with me again!! My own sister would have never done this to me today !!! Especially go off on clients or make comments to clients. And she’s one of the people that normally would ! But she knows it’s my place of work. My job !!! If my boss would have been there today. And heard what my mom said. I could have lost my job!!