Feeling of disrespected and he sees no problem with it.

So my fiancé and i got into an argument because he is very distant when he gets home he pays no attention to my daughter or me unless he wants sex and today i turned him down he got grumpy but then just sat in the corner of the couch complaining of why we have to watch a kid show when my daughter is only one and was on his phone the whole time and I’m 31 weeks pregnant i just want help and a guy who will let me relax or play with my daughter so i can breathe shower something and i just get nothing no help so we got into an argument when he decided to leave and go into the other room with the dog to play on his phone and watch tv while i did everything else and in the middle of the fight he said well i could of had sex with my ex on Saturday but i didn’t so i can’t be that bad and then he sent me a screenshot of the messages (not all just one screenshot.) i don’t no how i feel. I just feel so betrayed and disrespected and he always tells people like oh just be glad ur gf isn’t pregnant and always tells me that our son is a mistake and if i was anyone else he would of been in Mexico by now and never heard of again. And so on.