Baby’s 1st steps: do you say “LO is walking”?

So 1st I’ll say I realize it’s not a big deal either way & that I know I’m overly sensitive to this! My LO took his 1st steps this last week and when my MIL saw she exclaimed “He’s walking now!” (He’d taken 2 or 3 steps, counting each foot moving as 1) i light heartedly said well idk if I’d say “walking” but yes we’re excited about the steps. & she snipped back he was “walking”. (& I know she will be telling everyone she knows this)

I feel like it’s something you know when you see, but probably needs to be more consistent & further lengths before I’d call it “walking” vs “steps”

Background when my niece & nephew were little (and even now) I felt like they were constantly exaggerating (to the point of flat out lying) about milestones& accomplishments. I understand being proud and maybe getting carried away. But it always felt like to me, why isn’t the accomplishment they’ve achieved not good enough? Why the need to add to? It also took away from when they did reach that milestone. For example since were talking about walking... my nephew was a very late walker. When he finally would cruise around furniture they declared to everyone “he’s walking” well then months later when he did walk it was a little anti climatic. Like I want to celebrate but that kind of makes the fact they’ve been “lying” for months a little awkward.... 🤷🏻‍♀️. Again I know I’m overly sensitive but just curious what other people say.

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