I had my friend’s bday party today and forgot to go 😢

I just hate myself for that. I forgot to set a reminder for it and totally forgot it! And she is a really really close friend. What bothers me a lot is that I had to say a lie about it. After 8 missed calls and many messages from many friends I had to say that I was ill and was in bed all day so I forgot to inform that I wouldn’t make it. Now I can’t sleep thinking that I am missing a very close friend’s 18th birthday party! I feel so sad that I am missing it. And I feel so so so bad for lying. I really want to cry now. I never did something so horrible in my life. And the crazy thing about it is that at the moment I got the invite I immediately responded that I’ll be there. Omg my life can’t go worse! I am a careless person and a liar. Nobody will want nothing to do with me after that 😢😢😢