Weird bleeding/symptoms?

So I posted on here a few days ago that it’s been about two and a half weeks after my period and I’ve been having a lot of uterine cramps, excess discharge, and spotting/lightly bloody discharge. This is really abnormal for me as I have never spotted in my life (there’s not a whole lot of blood but I’m used to 0 unless it’s my period) and I never have cramps other than my period. It actually feels similar to when I got pregnant with my daughter, however, I never bleed, I just cramped and had clear discharge. Some people on here informed me it could be due to ovulation or implantation bleeding. However it’s been going on for about 4 ish days now which seems kind of long. Is this normal for these symptoms to last this long with ovulation or implantation?? Is there anything else it could be??

Thank you in advance!