Scared to test!


I’ve had random cramps on and off for a few days. My period is 3 or 4 days late (depending which app I’m looking at - I have the Ava bracelet too, so I use that app in addition to this).

I’ve been dying to get pregnant. My husband and I tried in January (used Clearblue Advanced Digital O tests + Ava to pinpoint the days). I did a pregnancy test 9 days after O and again 12 days. Both negative. I’m scared to test because I don’t want to see the negative.

It’d be our first baby, So I’m not sure what other symptoms I’d have. My boobs are sore, but randomly that’ll happen when I get my period, but not consistently or often. I’m not nauseous. I’ve gotten dizzy once or twice the last few days. I have a cold. That’s it.

Send help. Lol