Making your baby move.


So I've read a few different ways on how you can get your baby to be more active weather it be for an ultrasound or for you just to feel at home.

So before you have an ultrasound eat something sugary. Babies just like you and I will get a "sugar high" which gets them moving. Even if you just eat a banana before that sugar should kick in. I tested this and ate a ding dong right before my ultrasound and the baby was all over the place lol. Last time I went I had bread and he or she was asleep. Doesn't need to be a lot but sugar should get things moving.

Try rubbing or lightly giggling your tummy. Obviously don't go CRAZY shaking yourself lol but a gentle massage will sometimes do the trick.

Try having your husband or boyfriend talk to it. Babies tend to hear mens voices better than womens.

Take a bath not too hot but I've read sometimes that'll get the baby moving.

Getting on all fours and coughing.

Playing music or singing to the baby will sometimes get a response.

If you're further along using a flash light could work. The baby might not like the light and will try to move away from it.

These are just somethings I've read. For me personally eating sugar, and massaging my tummy works the best. I've tried the bath thing but it probably just put it to sleep lol. Any tricks you ladies know that works for you??