What’s going on? 😭


Okay y’all. I have so much going on. I’ll start from the beginning, so I have been taking home pregnancy test and they were coming out negative. But it’s been 15 days past my period. So I went into the doctor and they told me I am about 6 weeks pregnant, the day after my appt I had started to bleed. And I mean red blood. So I got a little worried and then I started to cramp as well. So I went into the doctor yesterday she checked me and said there is a little bit of blood but not enough yet to have a miscarriage. Well so we did a blood test to watch my hcg levels and have also scheduled a sonogram plus another blood test Monday to see where my levels are at and to see if there is a baby.. or just to see what’s going on. Well I started to bleed just a little bit today so I went and got a pregnancy test again I got three. And they still say negative. So I don’t understand. Why is the docs pregnancy test coming out positive but all these home pregnancy test are coming out negative?