Don’t know what to do!! Help me please!!!!!

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Af still isn’t here! The first day of my last period was November 27th and AF still haven’t paid me an visit since then.My periods are usually on time ever month and begins at the end of the month. But at the end of December (December 29th) AF did not show up! So immediately me and my fiancé BD, right after we was finished we noticed pinkish brown discharge that we never seen before! After a couple minutes later I went to the bathroom to use it I wiped and the toilet paper had a very light pink color. When I googled what had happened pregnancy symptoms popped up. I just didn’t want to fall for it this time so I ended up just waiting it out to see if AF would come pay me a visit.Days passed and still no AF in January! I’ve been gassy, getting stomach burns, hot flashes, and very very mild cramps in my uterus that will only come at night around 2am but these very light cramps feels different from any other!and sometimes after I use the bathroom it feel as if I have to go again! It’s February 3rd and AF STILL haven’t paid me a visit.Someone please help me I’m to scared to get my feelings hurt again to even take a test or even go to the doctor. What should I do?