Mother in law??


Idk if this post belongs here...&&sorry for long post!

Idk if I’m just being too sensitive and overreacting... but ever since my husband and I had been dating for a year, she would always ask when she will get her grand baby. We would always say “oh... idk.. one day!” Since it was too soon. After we got married, she would always ask. Once we told them we planned on ttc December of 18, she was sooo excited and happy! Finally in January I got my positive test! We decided to tell our families right away since I knew MIL would be soo excited. She wanted to get a <a href="">pregnancy app</a> so she could see baby progress and stuff. When she was making it, it asked if she was the mom, grandparent, etc. So once it was done, since she put grandparent, the app said “your daughter’s baby is ____” And she goes “Ha! Idk why they assumed you’re my daughter.. can I change it to DIL??” My SIL then said “well she is kind of your daughter now...” after that... she hasn’t asked how I am, hows baby.. my mom on the other hand, has asked me pretty much every day or so and she was the one that wasn’t excited about the pregnancy.. but now she is! She brings me food, asks how I’m feeling, etc etc... am I just overreacting/too sensitive about my MIL??