Baby twisting and pulling nipple down while nursing


Y’all, my 6 month old daughter has seemed uncomfortable since yesterday evening. I ate some cheesy pasta for both lunch and dinner and I’m assuming it might be the dairy. But OMG she was up constantly last night comfort nursing and keeps doing this thing where she squirms and turns her face into my boob while the nipple is in her mouth twisting and pulling my nipple down and she’s still doing it this AM and it’s driving me nuts!!!! I will be making more of a point to avoid dairy from now on. She has shown signs of discomfort before when I eat dairy but it’s never lasted this long or kept her up all night and drove me to such a point of frustration before. Do you think that’s what’s causing her discomfort? Because she’s just been squirmy since yesterday evening and won’t stay asleep even though I know she’s tired.