Dating Scans

Grace • Married 2 years and a new mommy to a beautiful little girl!! 🎀👑🎀👑

So has anyone else’s doctor sent them to an outside facility for a dating scan? None of my sisters ever had one with their babies and one just had a baby in November. I had mine today and go back to my doctor next Thursday. At my dating scan, they basically said that my figured due date and doctors due date was off by a whole week. I went to him on the 17th of last month; I thought my due date was August 25, and he said the 24th. But they said today, that my due date is September 2nd and I’m just 10weeks exactly today. Whereas, I thought I was 11 weeks and 2days. They did say since the baby was all curled up that they may get a different measurement when I go back to the doctor next week if the baby is stretched out. Plus, I think I have to be further than 10 weeks because if I’m only 10 weeks that means I would have started getting sick at 5 weeks which I have never heard that happen. But on another note, baby is looking healthy, heart rate is 180 and we got to see arms and legs today!