I'm growing WHAT.. WHERE?

Okay guys, I'm 30 weeks pregnant. Over the last month I have been developing these little... growths... all over my panty line 😨 At first they were tiny, but then they got bigger and multiplied. I now have at least 5. Since I'm in the 3rd trimester the only way I know they are there is by feeling by hand or using a hand mirror to see. Of course my mind instantly went to GENITAL WARTS OH FUCK.

About an hour ago I had an appointment with my OB and talked to him about them.... he took a look... and you know what they are?


I have a freaking skin tag explosion on my vag 😖 I have always been prone to them but I never knew that pregnancy hormones can cause them to grow rapidly in your groin 😰

My fiance hasn't noticed them yet and I'm terrified to tell him, I know he is going to think they are disgusting. Ugh, my life 🙄😫

....at least it's not warts I guess?🤷‍♀️

Anyone else had this happen?