i feel like i’m being dramatic/bothering my doctor?

im 19 weeks. on sunday i fell pretty good on my side due to my extremely icy driveway. i just downplayed it and told myself it was okay because i didn’t land on my stomach.

a few hours later i got sharp sharp pains in my uterus and eventually couldn’t take it and went the emergency room. they listened to the baby’s heartbeat, tested my urine, and told me to take some tylenol and call my doctor if it got worse.

well today, the sharp stabbing pains turned into soreness nonstop WITH stabbing pains when i walked. i suddenly cant get up and can’t walk too fast without a sharp sharp pain near or in my uterus.

so i called my doctor again to tell her it’s getting worse and i’m unable to walk at a normal speed without it hurting. i don’t know what is causing this and that’s the scariest part. hearing the heartbeat, while its wonderful, won’t tell me if something is wrong.

i feel like i’m bothering my doctor by calling and telling her about all the pain i’m having but it’s very unnerving!

i don’t know i just feel like a crazy woman. does anyone else feel this way? i know that’s what doctors are for but it makes me feel dramatic.

any reassurance?