Sciatica -update

Hello, I have had on and off lower back pains for the last 11 years. It would hurt so bad that I couldn’t walk for days. Last Monday I had a pain in my butt cheek, right below my waist, I though for sure I was looking at another back ache but it slowly crept down to my leg for a few days and then Friday it got me!! My leg was dumb and tingling and felt like it was 100 pounds, I couldn’t move! My boss wanted to call an ambulance. My husband picked me up and we headed to the dr. She says it’s a nerve causing the pain. She sent me in for an X-ray, I’m still waiting to hear what they read. I also went to a chiropractor today who practices in my dr office. He did some exercises with me and cracked my back. I’ll see him again this wk but tomorrow I return to work ( w restrictions) and am scared of having another spasm. Any advice or tips.

After 12 days of unbearable pain and not being able to move, I went to the ER ( I had saw my pcp several times as well a my chiropractor) an MRI was don’t and showed a VERY herniated disc. They admitted me immediately and I spoke with an orthopedic doctor who brought his surgeon to see me the following morning. He suggested surgery ASAP due to the extent of the herniation and my pain. I arrived at the ER around 9:10- MRI by 10:30 & in a room admitted at 2am. Surgery was about 2 hours but with waking up and all lasted about 3.5 hours. I could immediately feel my leg again! I was so happy, tingles in my foot are still present but I was told that could take longer due to severity of the nerve damage. My back is sore from surgery but, I am overwhelmed with how much better I fell overall!! I can’t per with out a problem ( I was starting to have trouble getting the urine to release). Please ladies if you have pain don’t try and be tough , I was always telling the pcp my pain was like an 6-8 yet I as in tears but, I’m not a complainer, guess I suffer in silence. Speak up! I must say I was very nice and kept my manners while also being in pain, no cursing or yelling. Maybe that helped me get awesome treatment, the staff has been 100% awesome