Not ovulating every month?

So I dont keep track of when I’m ovulating through opks, just through glow and <a href="">eve</a>.

Yesterday was the first time ever that I had an excessive amount of ewcm, and this may be tmi, but it was a lot... like someone cracked an egg.

I’ve never had that before, and it started to make me wonder if this is the first time I’ve ever *really* ovulated.

I haven’t been on birth control for about a year. I have never had the “perfect” ewcm that everyone describes, other than yesterday. And it maybe lasted 12 or so hours and it’s gone.

I’m pretty regular, I have periods between every 25-28 days. I’m not overweight or underweight. I’m 5’0, 117lbs. I’m in my early 20s...

What might cause me to not be ovulating, if I’m not ovulating. For all I know I am, but it has never been like it was yesterday...