February 24 baby coming February 5 due to chloestasis


At my last appointment on friday, February 1 I got through the normal set of questions of if anything has changed or may be bothering you. Me thinking nothing of it mention my hands and feet have been EXTREMELY itchy the past week or so and I don’t know why. My doctor just looks at me and goes “Ahhh. This may be chloestasis, it’s a liver condition that doesn’t do will with the baby. We can take some blood work today but if this is positive we like to induce at 37 weeks.” Well for me 37 week SUNDAY. She assures me she’ll call me Monday with the results and I end the appointment with getting blood work after. During the weekend I’m googling EVERYTHING related to chloestasis and seeing if this could really cause me to be induced so soon and just come to terms that Monday she’ll call in the morning telling me I’m positive (since the symptoms were just too similar to NOT have it). Monday morning gets here ....no call. Cool that’s fine , I get ready and head to work. By my first break at 1pm still no call so. I take it upon myself to try calling them...end up calling 3 times and leaving a message on their portal app for a call back about WHEN I might have to be induced. So around 4pm tired of waiting I get the idea to pretend to call for an appointment and sneak my way into speaking with someone immediately 😈 Once someone does come on I explained I’m waiting for an urgent lab result that will let me know if I have to be induced this week...for them to tell me “Yeah you’re already scheduled to be induced tomorrow morning at 9am.” WHAT?!?!! So now I’m full on panicking because I did NOT expect this so SOON and I’m PISSED no one called me earlier to let me know. Regardless of how the news was given and after calming down I am so ready to see my baby boy and am hoping for a fast induction in the morning.👶🏽😇

So ladies if you randomly start getting very itchy hands and feet...LET YOUR DOCTOR KNOW. it’s actually pretty serious to get the baby out to avoid fetal death!