So I’m roughly 5-7 weeks haven’t been to doctor yet. But here my back story.

This is my 4th pregnancy.

1st I had a beautiful baby boy, via emergency C.

2nd I had and ectopic, which resulted in D&C

3rd Another beautiful baby boy, via repeat C.

4th lots of, what I can only describe as, “pain spasms,” in my right lower abdomen. It’s mild but it definitely hurts. Today it’s become more frequent than usual.

Idk if it’s normal, because every pregnancy can be different, but I’m worried. Definitely trying to find someone to cover my shift to go to e.r to rule out 2nd ectopic, but so far I have gotten the pain 7 times in the past 30 minutes.

Anyone else have this.

Am I just overreacting?


Currently at the e.r. Hate my local e.r because the always make me feel like I’m stupid. And you can always hear the nurses talking about you.

Also pain has gotten worse and even more frequent. But being treated like I’m crazy ... 🙃