Ladies I need advice on my lazy mamas boy boyfriend

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 2 1/2 years now. We live about an 1 hour 10 mins apart so it makes it hard to see him anytime but the weekend. We’re both 20 soon to be 21. He’s very sweet but also clueless. He never thinks before he does, plays video games every day when he gets home at 5 till about 12 when he goes to bed and will smoke pot all day every day. His mom still does his laundry and is on his bank account and can pull money from it along with basically doing everything for him such as cleaning his room to booking appointments to making him dinner (just him!) and butting in our business. Is it just me or is that weird?I’ve told him to start doing those things on his own but he always has an excuse such as “it’s easier she just pull my rent from there” or “she’s doing it anyways why not just let her, or why waste water washing a couple of my things.” I find since his mom does everything for him he forgets everything else. Two phones in the last 2 months to water damage. He threw out my $100 bathing suit ( accidentally but who doesn’t check a bag before throwing it out?!) Left pics we bought from Mexico on the bus, lost my paddle board fin even though I repeatedly asked him is it in the car are just a few instances recently. I feel like I’m his mother when she’s not there to the point where I have to hold onto his wallet and passport because I know he will lose them( he admitted he would to) He isn’t my kid so why do I keep having to walk him through life and fix his mistakes because he can’t think for himself when the time comes. He’s also very unambitious and says he just wants a year to chill and doesn’t want responsibilities. Well we’ve been dating for 2.5 years and he’s still the same person who hasn’t even saved a dime( spends all his money on pot or food and barely pays any rent) Our relationship feels like it will never progress because he is just so lazy. For the past couple months I’ve been on him cause I love him and want to be with him, but I feel like I can’t continue anymore. We’re not on the same level ambition wise/ money wise. How hard is it to do your own laundry and take your mom off your bank account? Or apply for school (his mom doesnt like that I’m “pushing” him 🙄 He was also recently fired from his previous job that his mom found for him. So his mom found him his next two jobs. Which one of them is coincidentally working with her now! Am I being unreasonable? I know we’re still young but you aren’t going to get anywhere in life unless you work for it. I can’t stop rolling my eyes every time he gives me excuses because I’m starting to no longer care and drift apart from him because of that.

Btw his moms a good person I just think he needs to cut the umbilical cord and get it together. Tell her he needs space to breathe.