Advice please help!!!

Long post but my friend needs advice

This is for a friend but shes having a hard time and needs help but is scared to post through hers because he can see it.

But anyway

Shes in a relationship where her man has controlled everything and has started to get aggressive , they have a baby together and she isnt happy with him anymore but is unsure on how or when to leave ??. She told me to add things that I've seen and heard and through my view.

He puts her down all the time. She always rants about him to me(usually about how he won't help with the baby or put effort into her anymore but theres a lot more)

She has sent me videos of her locked in a room with him screaming at her for just trying to make a friend.

He doesn't do anything for her or their kid.

He barley takes care of the baby

He takes more care of his nephews and niece than his own child.

He doesn't work.

He stays up all night and sleeps all day.

He gets very mad and turns EVERYTHING into her fault.

Shes also watched like a hawk 24/7. His mom told her well your in a relationship now you can't have ANY privacy.(when she complained he wouldn't let her on her phone without being watched like a hawk)

Theres no trust when it comes to her with him even shes never done anything wrong or even hinted at leaving or cheating on him.

He basically controls when she can see her friends(we barley see each other because he controls when she can hang)

She has told me before she is scared af of him.

He throws things and trashes the house.

She if terrified she'll lose her kid(which to me is very unlikely because of how he is.)

Shes also scare that his family will force her back in a relationship with him.

His parents don't see anything wrong with this relationship.

He gets very very mad and stays mad the whole day when she asks to do things without him. Like have a day with her sister and grandma. Or us hang out by ourself. Shes scared to ask him things.

And he refuses to get a phone for himself cause there in a relationship and everything her is his(he also does this with money!) And takes her phone with him when he go places.

He also WON'T let her get a job. And says he will get one but doesn't.

We also HAVE to use snapchat to talk so he can't read our messages.

She is terrified to leave him but wants to(shes told me multi times)

She doesn't know how to though.

He NEVER goes anywhere and if he does he takes her phone and her car.

If he sees her pack her bag he will FLIP TF OUT! And might hurt her or the baby. She also can't do it secretly cause shes watched like a hawk.

She doesn't want to involve the police unless absolutely necessary.

Any advice is welcome!

Also any tips or similar experiences would be helpful.