Birth control concern


Hello, ladies. So I have a couple concerns - I have been on bc since mid December. One: do combined pills need to be taken directly at a certain time, say 6am every morning? There have been some times, no more than a 45 min difference. Will that affect me protection? Two: my boyfriend and I don’t often have sex but when we do it’s a 50/50 of either pull out or a condom. I’ve been bleeding constantly since on the BC that he wears one. So before my expected period I had a really dark bloody discharge so automatically I went into panic mode. For the next 5 days it was spotting or a light flow of bright red blood, older blood and brown blood with at times tiny clots. After it ended my breasts have been tender and have been having a deep ache right on my pubic bone. Do you suppose I conceived without knowing? Yes, I’ve taken pregnancy tests, neg. we are not planning at the moment - we try our best to be safe, but there’s always the chance. Since being on the BC I’ve been bleeding here and there so I’m not quite sure what’s going on. My OBGYN believes it’s just the pill doing its job. Let me know your experience and or advice. Thank you.