I’m loosing my guy 🤕

So I’m pregnant and my boyfriend not to happy about it which is understandable considering that he’s scared to be father and he want to be able to provide and take care of his family. So we had this huge argument about if we keeping or aborting the baby I told him I’m not doing it I’m keeping my child and he goes well what is we split up or I step out on you considering we so young I’m thinking in my head like dude we both fenna be 22 this year I thought that was considered an adult. So I tell him if he does I just hope we can be amazing friends for our child. I don’t want it to come to that I have a feeling he’s going to cheat on me while I’m pregnant and that’s going to kill me I don’t know what to do at this point I wanna stick it out because I could be wrong and overthinking as usual but then again I wanna get it over with if it’s going to happen. I love him so much ion know what I would do knowing he’s loving someone else

UPDATE: I broke up with him we done for good I feel relieved about the situation but I’m still hurt it could be the hormones 😂 now my mind is on a healthy baby coming hoping for a boy 👶🏽🤞🏾💙 Thank You To all the advice I really appreciate it Ik being a single me is goin to come with some serious challenges but my mom raised a smart independent woman so Ik I’ll be okay .