Don’t know how to word it really but

I do everything for this man. I’m a stay at home mom and i take so much pride in taking care of my family. I clean, I cook, I pack him lunches, I make him a hot breakfast every morning, I buy him gifts and take him on dates, we have a great sex life, I’m honest and I’ve never strayed. I have things I can work on but i know I put my 100% into him, and he always tells me how lucky he is compared to the married guys he works with.

As one small example of what he does, I asked him 2 weeks ago for a special valentines this year. We never do anything big so I told him I wanted to get a sitter and go on a date on Saturday to celebrate valentines. I also mentioned I wanted to do gifts this year. I told him exactly what I wanted and sent him a link to the site. 1 week later I told him I got him a gift for valentines and he acted surprised. I reminded him that I mentioned wanting to do gifts and even sent him the link. He still acted surprised so I offered to resend it to him, which I did. No big deal. Today we we’re talking about it again and he said that he “knows” I didn’t get him any gifts. I did. I actually got him a few. He acted confused and I reminded him that I sent him the link twice to the one thing I wanted. Our convo went like this.

Him - “well I can’t order it off of amazon, you’ll see what I bought”

Me - “what I want isn’t off of Amazon, and I already know what it is so what’s the secret?”

Him - “well I didn’t know you wanted it specifically for Valentine’s Day.”

Me - “I told you I wanted it for valentines, I even texted that to you.”

Him - “well all of our money is in your account.”

Me - “you have access to my bank through my laptop.”

Him - “well I didn’t want to have to log on the computer just to transfer money.”

Me - “you could have asked me to do it.”

Him - *abruptly stops talking to me and stomps off to the bathroom. Then he texts me 5 minutes later “transfer money to my account so I can buy your shit”

He literally spent the rest of the night pissed off at me. None of the conversation was a fight, no voices were raised, he went from talking to me to suddenly being pissed off. I’m so tired of it. I don’t even care about the gift at this point. It was just a stupid cream. It comes down more to the fact that he didn’t bother to do anything. I would have been okay with a hand drawn card from the man, as long as he put some effort into it. But like I said, this is just one small example.

***for the sake of staying anonymous I’ll update the post instead of reply to comments. First off, thank you for the ladies that are supportive. I really appreciate your kindness ❤️ but for one, I feel like i miscommunicated at some point. I want to be absolutely clear that he did not intend to get me anything. I’m confident in this for many reasons. I did want a specific gift, yes, because when I had originally told him I wanted to do gifts this year, he said “but I never know what to get you.” I made it easy for him because he wanted an idea. I am very far from ever being a materialistic person, but since i found out about this cream so close to valentines, i thought it would be a simple gift. He’s also very terrible at keeping secrets and i can assure you that had he planned on anything else, I would have known about it through his many “i got you the best gift” and “do we have to wait for valentines? Can’t we just do gifts now?”. He, again, we is terrible at keeping surprises bless his heart.