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I am around 9 dpo (first mo not tracking bbt OR opks or cm. Nothing..)

I have a ob appt today. Saw her 4 mo ago & she said if I wasn’t preg she wants to start me on clomid bc I’m not ovulating.

I know I am ovulating. I know bc I would get 2 very positive days of opks, then my temp would shift much higher. Then period 15 days later.

She also diagnosed me w lp defect. Which I so do not have.

Dh ttc w his first wife for 13 years & nothing. He had a normal SA, but his numbers were low within range after a 3 day hold. We dtd daily, so I think our issue is having too much sex & not getting enough sperm.

Question is. Should I try the clomid, even tho I’m ov? Just to up our chances? Dh is against it. And thinks if God wants it to happen, it will.

But I am impatient!

I’m also worried to be under this ob’s care, bc she doesn’t seem to know a lot about fertility.

(Like her saying a 14 day lp is short 🤔)

Also when I was preg I had a liver disease & she told me I didn’t. When I looked at my bloodwork #’s, I did. She just misread the numbers. (Diagnosis for ICP is anything 10 & above. Mine was 10. Non pregnant women diagnosis would be like 25 or higher. She was waiting for my #’s to be higher than 25)

Just saying I don’t trust her 💯. I can’t switch my dr just yet either bc I do want to stay at same practice.

Should I give clomid a try?? Just thought of doing it one cycle.