Anyone have a PE during pregnancy and it affected labor and delivery? UPDATE


So my hematologist just called to tell me the strain of labor could kill me IF I have another blood clot. Her solution - I should take medicine that prevents clots from forming. Fine, except I'm due to be induced in 7 days. How will a preventative medicine protect me from a clot that MIGHT already exist? I repeat, the medicine DOES NOT dissolve clots that are already formed! I flipped out and called my OB office. If labor is such a danger why haven't I been scheduled for an emergency c section? Why am I being allowed to wait for labor that could kill me?! I'm waiting for a return call now but in the meantime I searched the internet for other women who had emergency deliveries due to a clot. I can't find a single one on any site or blog... sooooo.... I'm now terrified and confused. I was only told of the risk of delivering on the blood thinners, not of any other possible clots killing me due to strain! Did anyone else have a PE that they were told prevented regular labor and delivery? Please share! I'm freaking out.

Update: 3 hours later my OB FINALLY got back to me! The lady at the hematology office is a B%$#@!! The risk of a normal labor and delivery causing enough strain to dislodge a clot that kills me is EXTREMELY low. The meds would decrease that risk even more so but not eliminate it. She could not, obviously, support my decision to ignore the other doctors recommendations but said, "to put it clearly, we could not move your induction up any unless you were an emergency and you are not an emergency. " She apologized that someone would tell me what the hematologist did.