Religious and homophobic harassment at school

Toast • 16~Bunny Mommy~11th Grade ( ˘ ³˘) Sorry to you haters <3

At school there used to be a guy who was very bigoted. He would continually harass kids about Christianity, and was particularly pushy on openly homosexual students. But he’d get slaps on the wrists for being high-functioning autistic. (He was able to be in normal curriculum) but he was also 19 (super senior)

Examples of stuff he’s done:

Told all the openly lgbtq students they were going to hell for sinning. He also preached to them on making them “better people.” As well as referring to transgender students strictly as their birth names.

He went into a girl’s bathroom to tear down halloween posters for “promoting the devil” and when teachers tried to talk to him about it he said “I simply can’t turn my head away from doing what’s right, it’s what god would want.”

He’d go from table to table to preach to students about Christianity and would continuously bother them about it.

And well a lot more.

His punishments are usually scoldings and detentions. He got suspended for a day for the bathroom incident. He also wasn’t aloud near the kids that he harassed relentlessly, but he ignored that anyways.

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