Please help XD


Please give me some advice!!!!! My job offered me a promotion at another location, only after I accepted did they tell me it wasn't REALLY a promotion, just a 1$ raise to take on the duties of managing the location without actually getting the title or salary of a manager. They said they needed to "get rid of" the manager position temporarily to get rid of the guy in it, but that I would be officially promoted in a month or two. It has been four months of them dangling the carrot and then pushing it back, and pushing it back. Our client has to agree to pay me more and my senior manager says he can't get a meeting with her, but my old manager has just been promoted to senior facility manager of my location and several others. I didn't think about it at first but that means my client is now paying some of his salary, so doesn't that mean they had to meet with the client to get them to approve that? So while I have been slaving away here for months making barely 1$ more than my employees and no longer getting tips, I have lost 5,000$, and they keep telling me they can't get a meeting to promote me, when they do get a meeting, they use it to promote the guy who was already making close to 70,000$, not the girl who's been making 20,000$ to do a managers job. I went to a meeting with all of the managers in the region and they were telling us about the standards they expected us all to meet and I looked around at this room of all men who were all making double or triple what I make and expected me to put out the same results and work as them. I am so close to snapping. I know it's not a sex thing because our client is a woman, but I don't feel like they are fighting for me at all. I've also been told that when they do get a meeting with the client, I will not be allowed to negotiate my salary, they will do it for me and I'm expected to just take what they give me. Help?