To the post about tattoos! Please share your tattoo!

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I was trying to comment on the post before it got deleted...

The question was: “is it rude to make negative comments about someone’s tattoo if they did ask”

yes it is rude to make nasty comments about someones tattoo if they didn’t ask for your opinion! The tattoos may have a meaning you don’t know about!

Idk why my tattoo is so small

This is my tattoo, my first tattoo I have ever gotten. I love my tattoo, I had it specially designated for me and just for me by one of the best tattoo artist. I live in California and always get asked where I got it done at! I got it done in Pennsylvania when I visited my mom about 1.5 ago.

One day I was walking into to a gas station to pay for my gas and the man taking my payment seen my tattoo. He asked me how old I was, I told him 26, he asked if the names on my tattoo were my kids I said yes, then asked me how old they were and when I answered all his questions (because I like shutting people down when they question me)

he asked me “why?”, why would I have kids at a young age, why would I “defile” me body with pointless non removable ink, why would I put my kids names on my body when I will never forget them? And the answer was simple... because I wanted too, I think tattoos are art, they are an expression of the things you love and want to express your love with beautiful Preminger ink. I may never forget my kids but one day they will grow and so will I, I may have dementia, Alzheimer’s you never know. When I look at my tattoo I feel so much love for it! My kids are my everything, yes I had them young but I wanted my first tattoo to have a meaning and my kids are the meaning to my life!a